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No, but, let’s just like, have a fair fight?  And then we all live with the consequences.  Like, maybe we hold an election and nobody puts their money on the scale (as much as can be expected, here) and we get an outcome that actually reflects the will of a significant majority of the people?  You want some sort of national unity and an end to division?  That’s how you achieve it.


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William Barr must quit over Trump-Stone scandal – former justice officials

More than 1,000 former US justice department officials, including some of the top government lawyers in the country, have called on attorney general William Barr to resign in the wake of the Roger Stone scandal.

Some 1,143 alumni of the Department of Justice posted to Medium on Sunday a group letter that tore into Barr for “doing the president’s personal bidding” in imposing on prosecutors the recommendation of a reduced sentence for Stone, a longtime friend of Donald Trump who was convicted of lying to and obstructing Congress and threatening a witness in the Russia investigation.

Barr, the officials said, had damaged the reputation of the department for “integrity and the rule of law”.

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It’s not complicated, and it is the foundation of the work that so many of us do, but it is important to keep saying it, because the system and its witting or unwitting servants work every day to remove these notions from the public consciousness. It is good to remember why we strive. Solidarity is our strength, in thought and action.

The oligarch and the authoritarian work together because they both embrace the ethos of the selfish bully, the notion that they have the right to take whatever they can get away with taking.

This is why our states are built on a cooperative and mutually beneficial alliance between those who use repression and violence (legal, structural, or physical) to compel others and those who fund it with the proceeds from their public theft in order to receive a personal return on their investment.

If we are unwilling to fight the oligarch and the authoritarian, they will continue to behave like any bully would.  They will take all that they can from us until we are, to the individual, completely destroyed, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  And then they will turn upon one another as they destroy the world.

There can be no compromises with evil.  Evil takes what it can take.  Evil lies and destroys for its own survival.  The oligarch and the authoritarian are your enemies, as is the machinery that keeps them strong as it takes your strength.


‘The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last’: a worst case scenario for the climate in 2050

You try not to think about the 2 billion people who live in the hottest parts of the world, where, for upwards of 45 days per year, temperatures skyrocket to 60C (140F), a point at which the human body cannot be outside for longer than about six hours because it loses the ability to cool itself down. Places such as central India are becoming increasingly challenging to inhabit. Mass migrations to less hot rural areas are beset by a host of refugee problems, civil unrest and bloodshed over diminished water availability.

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Can we stop tiptoeing around the fact that Trump is behaving like a dictator?

We’re slipping further into fascism as Trump indulges all his worst instincts, with the help of his toadies

It’s not enough to vote against him in November. We’re sliding into a fascist dictatorship. The time to act is now.